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and pharmaceutical branding systems.

Branding by Banding

Banding was originally introduced in response to the demands of the graphics industry. Infinite possibilities for banding in the food, pharmaceutical and textile industries are now becoming more and more evident due to the sophistication and advantages of Band-all machinery. Printed bands on substrates as thin as 40 micron can now be applied to food containers in register. The food industry has discovered Banding and this has taken off enormously. Banding is an effective and attractive carrier of information and brand design with lots of extra space available for the communicating the increasingly required details about the product, such as ingredients and nutritional values.

The flexibility and economy offered by Bandall Banding is increasingly utilized in replacing traditional labels and sleeves. Banding favors the environment as the heat, seal and cut banding process requires no adhesives and utilizes film substrates that offer direct recycle ready food trays and lids. A extra band-all bonus is that an all in one tamper evident solution is offered when banding tray and lid type products.

Bandall banding offers new alternatives in Shelf Ready Packaging, significantly reducing material costs and simplifying packaging methods.


Machinery is available as
a basic handfed model
or as a fully automatic
machine that can be
integrated into existing
production lines.


Various products can be
banded, offering new
possibilities for marketing
and on shelf appeal.  Die cut
illusions can be created using
clear film with print outlines.
Recycling or disposing of label
liners becomes a thing of the

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